Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oscar picks

OK, last week we saw the last of the best picture nominees, so I figure I'll give you my thoughts on the best of the year ...

Best picture: Slumdog Millionaire. This is truly an original work. It is exciting and fun and intriguing and funny and just freakin' awesome. And I even liked the dance sequence during the closing credits. (Side note: I will not be pissed if Milk gets this award because it was an awesome movie also, but if The Reader wins, I will seriously be pissed off).

Best actor: Sean Penn for Milk. I thought he was amazing. He was a completely different personality (which is why Rourke shouldn't win). He played a historical figure but he made the role something WAY more than an impression (which is why Landau shouldn't win). Richard Jenkins was awesome also, but Penn was better.

Best actress: Meryl Streep for Doubt. OK, I've only seen two of these movies. And Kate Winslet was good in The Reader, even though I thought the movie was boring and depressing. Plus, Kate was naked for much of it, which usually increases the chances I'll like a performance. But I thought Streep was amazing (except for the last 30 seconds of the movie which was incredibly cheesy, IMHO).

Supporting Actor: This is kind of a no-brainer. Heath Ledger should and will win. Duh. It was quite simply the best performance of the year. Period. I really didn't love the movie but he saved it for me. I will say that Robert Downey Jr. would have won in any other year. He was brilliant. People dismiss comedies too easily but every actor says it's harder to be funny than do drama. And Downey rocked it.

Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz for Vicky Christina Barcelona. I don't know if this is out on DVD yet, but you really should see it. Cruz steals every scene in the movie. In my mind, this is the second best performance of the year behind Ledger.

Director: Danny Boyle for Slumdog. This was a HUGE movie. I can't imagine having the vision to bring it all together. Boyle did an outstanding job and deserves all the kudos.

Animated Feature Film: Duh! This one is easier to predict than Supporting Actor. The only thing I wish is that Wall-E had better competition so this award would really mean something because I thought Wall-E was a great picture.

Makeup: The only award Benjamin Button should win is this one. They did a great job in the aging process on all the actors.

Song: I am personally protesting this category. There are only 3 nominees and two are from Slumdog (I can't tell them apart). And the other is from Wall-E. My vote: NONE OF THE ABOVE. I loved the music in Slumdog and I think it should win for score. But where's Bruce Springsteen for The Wrestler? And my personal fav of the year was "Pineapple Express" by Huey Lewis. The song rocked in a retro burnout way that was just freakin' fun. I just wanted to see how they would make the bong bubble sound on the Oscar broadcast. Oh, well.

Adapted writing: Slumdog ... loved it. Used a great skeleton for a script and made it come to life.

Original writing: I'm torn between Wall-E and Happy-Go-Lucky. I don't know how much of the writing goes into Wall-E for the first 30 minutes where there is no dialogue. I loved Happy-Go-Lucky and this is it's only shot at an Oscar, so I guess I'll go with it.

All the other categories I really don't care about.

OK, that's all I got. Now, I gotta go see another movie...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wait ... weight

So, it was a year ago that I started the Biggest Winner program.
At that point, I had already lost 20 pounds from Jan. 1.
I just had my first weigh-in this time around. I was trying really hard to get down to the weight I was at the end of Biggest Winner last year.
I missed it by 4 pounds.
But I need to be positive. Four pounds increase in the last 9 months isn't horrible.
So, I'm choosing to compare my current numbers to where I was a year ago.
Here's how I look...
Body Fat percent : Dropped 4.4 percent.
Weight: Dropped 30 pounds
Waist: Lost 6 inches
Chest: lost 4 inches
Hips: lost 4 inches
Legs: lost about 5 inches
That's all good. I need to remember that.
I'm a little freaked out now because they did my blood pressure and it's really high, but I haven't been sleeping worth a darn lately and work is HIGHLY stressful right now. So, I'm hoping that's it.
I promise this blog won't be all diet, all the time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

No doubt for Metallica

Well, thank God the alleged "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame got something right. Metallica is in. (Of course, it was their second year of eligibility but they were bumped for the R&R powerhouse "Madonna".

Also inducted this year were Run DMC (got no problem with them in since they really crossed over) and Little Anthony and the Imperials and Wanda Jackson. Quick, name ANY song from either of the last two I mentioned ... I'm waiting ... Can't do it. Why? Because they are not worthy. Meanwhile Kiss, Rush, Genesis, Yes and a hell of a bunch of other deserving bands are out in the cold.

Sidenote: Last week we saw Doubt at the Kress. Love this theater and I was giddy that it was packed which means people are starting to notice it's there. The movie is filled with great acting. I thought the last half was a little choppy. It just didn't flow as well as the first part. A good movie, but not great.

Slumdog is still the one to beat, in my mind.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Yes, he's arrogant. Yes, he's kind of a jerk.
But Rickey Henderson is also one of my favorite baseball players EVER. (Pete Rose, who is also a jerk, and Tony Gwynn, who isn't, round out the top 3).
Watching Rickey play in Oakland when I was growing up made me a baseball fan.
The year he broke the all-time steals record was amazing. I remember watching him on my little black and white TV at home. The signal coming from the rabbitt ears was fuzzy, but I was glued to the screen. I blew off two soccer practices just to watch the crowning achievement.
And on that steal, it was just like all the rest, the pitcher knew he was gonna steal. So did the catcher. So did everybody. And he did it anyway. It was beautiful. Yes, the picked the bag out of the ground. No, he wasn't being an arrogant jerk, he was celebrating his record in a way that will be remembered forever.
The ads that used to run to promote the A's were great. They would show Rickey in slow motion with the sound borrowed from a NASA launch. They would start the countdown and Rickey would make his move. It was awesome.
Today, Rickey got voted in the Hall of Fame. He joins Gwynn (and sadly not Rose). Like Tony and all the others, it wasn't unanimous. I don't understand how someone doesn't vote for Rickey (or Mays or Mantle or Ruth) but they don't.
Anyway, it's a good day. Kind of a bummer that Big Mac is now officially never gonna get in the HOF (unless the veteran's committee does something shocking ... which they don't do).
On a totally unrelated note, at least Slumdog Millionaire won the Golden Globe. Hope that bodes well for the Oscars.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back ... sort of ...

OK, Mr. Anderson, has informed me that I have been ignoring my blog.
I'll admit most of my social networking stuff has now moved to Facebook. Got some fun pictures of the family and the holidays and my new poker table on there (please sign up to be my friend ... I'm having friend envy).
So, another roundup:
1. Weight ... last year at this time, I resolved to lose weight. I lost 60 pounds in 2008 (and then found some of it back thanks to the holidays). I still have a long way to go so I'm resolving to ridding my body of the holiday weight before Feb. 1 when the Biggest Winner program kicks off again at Aims and then to lose at least another 40.
2. Testosterone Tour 2 ... we're planning this trip now as the sequel to our trip two years ago for a couple reasons: 1) It was one of the best vacations EVER, 2) Celebrating mine and Donovan's 40th birthdays, 3) The Rockies went to the World Series the year we saw them at Spring Training, and they need our help again. The trip should include Andy Segal, possibly Donovan, Randy Bangert, Dan England will join us for the Vegas portion and hopefully some other folks who will come for different parts.
3. Entertainment: Currently on Season 4 of The Wire. It's an amazing show. Great characters. Awesome stories. Check it out on NetFlix. As far as movies in the theater: most of them have been pretty disappointing. Benjamin Button, Valkyrie, Seven Pounds and some others I can't remember have been boring. Slumdog Millionaire is by far the best I've seen this year. Just a great flick. Still haven't seen Frost/Nixon or Milk (which I REALLY want to see). I also actually liked The Day the Earth Stood Still which nobody else on the planet liked. I think it actually came close to the same feeling as the original (although the original is still better).
4. Holidays ... it was great. Lots of time at home with the kiddos. Tracy surprised me with a gift of a new Rockies poker table for Christmas, made by her cousin's husband. It is just incredible and we played our first game on it last Saturday.
Not much else to say. Sorry for ignoring this blog. I'll try to be better.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Been ignoring the blog as I'm doing way more on facebook these days.
Anyway, basically I've been sick for the past week. That's about it. OK, actually, I:
* Put up the inside and the outside holiday lights including the tree.
* Been doing a lot of kid-duty as Tracy is in the middle of HUGE work project.
* Took my old desk out as I'm getting a new one I won in an auction for $5!!!
* Watched "Happy Go Lucky" at the Kress last weekend. The theater is so nice. I love that this is in Greeley. The movie was also pretty good. It was a good reminder that if you let your negative side run things, that's probably how your life is going to lead. I need reminders to keep positive!
* Finished Season 2 of The Wire. Great show. Started Season 3. Glad it's back in the streets.
* Bought a barn, a chicken coop and a woodshed on MyFarm on facebook. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should check it out. Who knew it could be so addictive.
* Started the Saddamm mini-series on HBO. The first installment is very good. Hope it continues.
* Starting to think about the planning for our Spring Training trip this March!
* Didn't get much done on editing the book (without a desk and with a head cold, there wasn't much use).
* Played Harry Potter Clue with the boys a couple times. I LOVE this game. Really fun to play with the boys.
* Went to the Prairie Holiday thing at Centennial Village with the boys. They got to make a wax candle and get a mini-horseshoe from a blacksmith. They really loved it.
* Watched the boys skate at the Ice Haus for a birthday party. It was a girl's party with many boys there, too. I'm amazed at how quickly these youngsters are starting to look and act like teenagers.

Monday, December 01, 2008

50K and more

Finished NaNoWriMo on Saturday. Half writing, half editing. May be cheating but I figure I have a good start on finishing the editing.

Rest of the time off was good, too. Played some poker and had fun with friends. Ate too much turkey and everything else.

Saw Four Christmases Sunday night with Tracy. What a piece of crap. I think I had one pity laugh during the whole flick. Just sad. When do the good movies come out?

Watched 24-Redemption. Not a bad flick. Not real 24 without the rest of the gang but Jack is cool (even though it took him nearly 30 minutes to kill someone).

On Season two of The Wire. Great show. Got one more disc to go. Season 3 is next. Dan says it rocks.

Watched "Meet Dave" with the boys the other day. Actually pretty good for a family flick. But now Andy is singing "Staying Alive" all the time and is planning to perform it for the school's talent show with two friends. What 9 year old even knows the Bee Gees!?!?!